5 Stylish Restaurant Design Ideas to Inspire You|Restaurant Design Tips

5 Stylish Restaurant Design Ideas to Inspire You|Restaurant Design Tips

 Swiss Hotel TheBosphorus, Istanbul is a five-star luxury hotel right in the heart of Istanbul. High-quality materials, glamorous golden bar and Bosphorus view. Five-star luxury hotel lounge interior, elegant and exquisite.

For an unforgettable dining experience, customers should be welcomed with a glamorous interior design and an elaborate service along with the exquisite food and the stunning plates prepared by the chef. Customers will expect to be satisfied in more than one way, so you have to do more than just offering them delicious dishes. Their eyes have to be satisfied as well as their plates. What makes or breaks the atmosphere of your restaurant and the mood of customers is interior design. Design and décor are crucial for leaving a strong first impression on your customers, so make sure to have a great interior design in your restaurant to wow your customers. Here are 5 design and décor ideas that could inspire your next restaurant interior renovation:

  • Concept

It is vital for your restaurant to be memorable and eye-catching. So, you have to choose a concept for your restaurant before you moving on to the décor. If your restaurant offers seafood, you might consider an interior design concept that reminds your guests of the dim and mysterious world in the depths of the ocean will solidify your menu priding on the most delicious selections of seafood. An entrance door in the shape of a shell would make a striking first impression on first-time visitors.

Luxury restaurant interior, pink and blue colors are dominant. Elegant and gold details. Classy, high-end restaurant and lounge design. Modern furniture with gold details. Back-lit blue onyx wall. Luxury interior design. Atlantis sign on the Onyx wall. High ceiling.

  • The Entrance

The entrance is what people first see in your restaurant, so it should be designed in a way that catches the attention of people to make a good first impression. Your entrance should be aligned with the overallconcept of your restaurant. The entrance has to be designed as wide as possible to seem more welcoming to people who are outside. You want to give your guests a warm welcome. You may also think about installing revolving doors, some music, and appropriate lighting.

  • The Walls

The walls are what holds up your restaurant and they are an important part of your restaurant’s identity. Though not as visible as a splendid chandelier despite surrounding the whole space, the stone walls of an old building or the cold concrete walls of an abandoned factory add various emotions to a place.The walls should be made the focal point of your restaurant. You may want to give references to your city, which is one of the most common décor ideas because it works really well when it is done right and it never goes out of fashion. To show your brand’s identity, paint the walls in the color of your brand and try implementing objects that recall your city, your concept, and the identity of your brand. Another thing to consider is featuring some artwork that matches the theme of your restaurant. You may implement some paintings for a classy look, and if you want something casual, you may try using typography or murals on your walls.

  • The Kitchen

People lovewatching how their dishes are cooked and plates are prepared. So, having an open kitchen is a very charming idea. Try implementing big glass windows or doors and put your kitchen in the center of your restaurant. The smell of your delicious food will also create a great atmosphere for your guests, whet their appetite and make their experience unique and unforgettable.

  • Tables and Seating

Seating is an important factor that affects your experience in a restaurant. Your seating should be based on the needs and wishes of your customer. If you are a family restaurant, you may want to install some large tables, or you may have a few small tables to provide some privacy for your customers. Also, you want your guests to feel comfortable while eating, so the furniture should be chosen carefully.

We hope these ideas help you to design a great restaurant and enhance the customer experience. Designing and creating beautiful spaces as functional as they are, require attentive and elaborate hard work. If you would like to hire a professional team for a full-scale renovation or planning from the scratch, you can contact us. Richas Interior is a Frankfurt-based design studio priding itself on creating exquisite and glamorous spaces beyond time.